Redwood Nursery specializes in locally grown trees
and shrubs for your garden in the Santa Cruz
Mountains and surrounding areas.   We grow most of
our own plants.  The years of growing plants in our
unique area has given us great insight into the
challenges face by gardeners in the many
micro-climates found in our beautiful area.
Seasonal Gardening Tips

Prune back your
perennials that have died
back for the winter.  Prune
your decidious trees and
shrubs in December,
January and February.  
Prune the hardy evergreen
shrubs and trees now too.  I
like to time the pruning of
my evergreens so I can use
them for Christmas wreaths
and decorations

This is a good time to plant
many trees and shrubs, the
only plants you do not want
to plant now are the frost
tender ones.

Once the heavy rains start,
hold off on planting until
you can put a shovel in the
soil with out getting a
squelching sound.  
Depending on your soil
type this can be 6 hrs after
a heavy rain up to several
Keep your plants healthy
and get them ready for the

1.  Cold weather can be
hard on plants.  Protect
your frost tender plants
either by covering them or if
they are in pots pull them
close up against the wall of
the house.

2.  Make sure that your
potted plants stay moist.  
Sunny clear days with frosty
mornings will dry your pots
out, so if it hasn't rained in
a week check your pots,
don't forget that plants
under the eaves don't get
wet in the rain.

3.  Now is the time to
spread manure and ashes
for extra growth and bloom
in the spring.  
Pruning and Planting